Terms of service

General conditions

  1. Each user of the CSGOatse.com website accepts these Regulations which are the legal basis for the CSGOatse.com website.
    1. Any person that logged on the page is treated as the user of the CSGOatse.com website.
  2. Each user of the CSGOatse.com website is obliged to read the regulations of the above-mentioned page; the ignorance of the regulations does not exempt the user from complying with the CSGOatse.com rules.
    1. In case of no acceptance of the CSGOatse.com regulations, it is prohibited to visit the website by a potential user.
    2. A partial acceptance of the CSGOatse.com regulations is prohibited; when the page is used, all regulations need to be accepted; read point 1.1 of the general conditions.
  3. CSGOatse.com website offers a huge variety of pseudo-gambling games; the user use a virtual currency generated by Skin2Coins.com website.
    1. CSGOatse.com is just a user which is contractually bound with Skin2Coins.com website, in other words CSGOatse.com just benefits from the possibilities of Skin2Coins.com website; CSGOatse.com and Skin2Coins.com are not bound to each other in any way.
    2. CSGOatse.com is not responsible for Skin2Coins.com website in any way; each party represents its own rules; the agreement made between these parties is the only bounding point.
    3. The virtual currency generated by Skin2Coins.com does not represent real money on the CSGOatse.com website; it is just the currency which makes it possible to play and multiply the virtual currency; further possibilities of this currency are the only legal matter of Skin2Coins.com website – see subsection 1.3.2.
    4. Any kind of play which does not require from the user to pay for using possibilities of the website is treated as the pseudo-gambling game; CSGOatse.com uses only the virtual currency – see point 1.3.
  4. Logging on the CSGOatse.com website means the voluntary joining the game; the user has a right to stop the game in any time according to the general rules of the game he/she plays.
    1. The user, after joining the game, may not require refunding the virtual currency from the CSGOatse.com website; the voluntary joining means the possibility for losing or winning a given amount of the virtual currency.
      1. If the user loses a given amount of his/her virtual currency (by the website error), he or she has a right to ask for repayment of the amount which has been lost; nevertheless, it is necessary to prove the case.
        1. The website error has to be proven in the website record which is kept individually; if the error was not recorded, the user in not able to get his or her virtual currency back.
          1. The user may claim compensation until 48 hours after the case; after this time, the case is treated as barred.
        2. The user has no right to treat each of his/her loss on CSGOatse.com as a website error and ask for repayment - see
    2. The user of CSGOatse.com website has no right to make CSGOatse.com website legally liable for the loss in any possibility of the CSGOatse.com website – the user always plays on his/her own responsibility.
  5. Each user of the website accepts internal law and regulation of his/her country which concern a different type of games.
    1. Covering the right related to the age and restrictions on some possibilities of the website.
    2. CSGOatse.com website cannot be made legally liable for breaking these laws by its users – read point 1.1. and 1.2. of the general conditions of the CSGOatse.com website.
  6. Joining the CSGOatse.com website as a user involves using the website for leisure and fun purposes; any kind of professional use is discouraged.
    1. CSGOatse.com website is not responsible for moral losses of its users; each user is equally entitled according to the rules included in the human rights.
  7. CSGOatse.com reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the data and information given by its users in order to prevent violations of rights by the website users.
    1. Verification includes any kind of possibilities for checking such information, not breaking the rules of the country of the website user.
    2. CSGOatse.com website obliges itself to keep individual information and data secret and use it only for security purposes related to the users or CSGOatse.com website.
  8. CSGOatse.com website reserves the right to change general conditions in any time in order to improve the quality of the game or to prevent breaking the law.
    1. The user of CSGOatse.com website is obliged to check the changes in general conditions of the website at least five days a week – the ignorance does not exempt from the responsibility.
  9. CSGOatse.com website reserves the right to add or remove games if they do not meet the requirements of the website or its users.
    1. CSGOatse.com reserves also the right to block some possibilities of the games without prior informing its users if it is supposed to improve CSGOatse.com website or to prevent braking the law.
  10. CSGOatse.com reserves the right to introduce temporary promotions.
    1. CSGOatse.com page does not have to precise the period of the promotion.
    2. CSGOatse.com website obliges itself to inform its users about various promotions through giving such information on one of the contact/social pages.
  11. CSGOatse.com reserves the right to close the website activity in any time.
    1. CSGOatse.com website obliges itself to inform its users about the situation and warrant a three-day closure period.
  12. CSGOatse.com website reserves the right to block visiting the website in some regions of the world in order to prevent breaking the law or to improve CSGOatse.com website service.
  13. CSGOatse.com website does not allow for using the website as a possibility for making real money; the website operates only on the virtual currency and it is the virtual currency that can constitute a bargaining card between the players exclusively.
    1. Any kind of insubordination shall be individually examined by the managing board of the CSGOatse.com website; apart from that, measures will be taken on the basis of the user acting.
  14. Each user obliges himself/herself not to aggressively use the chat of CSGOatse.com website; including not using offensive words, flood, spam or sending inappropriate things.
    1. CSGOatse.com website understands “inappropriate” as any kind of maltreatment, pornography, rapes, death and violation of human rights.
    2. The management board of the CSGOatse.com page reserves the right to examine the act of the user in an individual way and to take appropriate measures if the user acting was considered as negative or reprehensible.
  15. Each user and a potential user is not allowed to act to the detriment of the website.
    1. As “the detriment of the website”, CSGOatse.com understands - DDOSING, trials to create unreal opinions, making threats against the CSGOatse.com website support and any kind of negative actions made by the users...
  16. The use of multiple accounts is strictly prohibited; it is viewed as an attempt to exploit and use the site in ways it is not intended to be used.
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