Read everything before creating a support ticket, you will most likely find your answer down below.

I tried to withdraw a skin, but I didn't get an offer and my coins are gone! What should I do?

Create a Support ticket! Include your steam64ID, and your tradelink in the support ticket. Wait patiently, usually our support responds very quickly (within 1-3H), but sometimes some tickets might take longer to investigate. Allow 48H to pass before resending a new ticket.

I played the game CRASH, and I pressed the withdraw button, but I couldn't withdraw! What to do?

This problem can be linked to high latency on either user end or server end. We always advice our players to use "auto cashout" when playing crash to avoid this from happening. We are NOT giving refunds for these types of problems IF there is no clear evidence that the user can provide that will prove that this happened. An example is a video recording with the exact "game ID" of the round (found in transaction page) and time / date.

I made a deposit but I didn't get my coins, What should I do?

No need to worry, our dear support will take care of this ASAP. This error is usually caused by a Steam failure or lag on Steam's end, we however have no problem at all at finding these errors in the "trade" history of our bots.

Keep in mind! For refunds in this category, you need to create a ticket within 24H from the time the error occured, or we cannot guarantee any refunds. This is very important, as the trading history cannot go too far in the past always.

I logged into my account and all my coins are gone?

When this happens there are a ton of possible reasons that might have caused it, but one thing that is for sure, is that it has nothing to do with errors from our site.

  • Reason 1: Just by entering the site you will be automatically logged in most of tmhe time, someone around you can have used the coins to play on your account.
  • Reason 2: Virus / Exploits / Scripts / Harmful browser extensions. CSGOatse does not advice any of their users to use any kind of extensions in their browser when playing on CSGOatse.
  • There are alot of more things that can cause problems, here are only 2 mentioned above. Lastly, we do NOT refund these types of incidents. We only refund what we can see and prove in our logs/DataBase.

Partnership / Sponsorship - would you like to sponsor me/us?

The short answer is yes! However:

  • We do not sponsor youtube channels with under 10 000 subscribers.
  • If you do have more than 10 000 but without an active fan base, there is only a slim chance of getting us to sponsor you.
  • We do not sponsor CSGO teams at the moment, if we ever will do it, we will be contacting them.
  • For business related questions, we advice you to send an email to [email protected] instead of creating a ticket.

I have CSGOatse.com in my name & I am a member of the CSGOatse steam group, but I still can't collect free coins?

This can happen our users, but don't worry! It's only because it takes time for our site to notice that you are a member of the group.

To help the database notice it, please click "INFO" next to the free coins and then "reload". Try collecting, it should work 99% of the time.

I used my "friend's"/second accounts tradelink, because my steam account is VAC banned / trade banned / No mobile authenticator, but I can't withdraw skins to it?

This is a big No-no! This is not possible with any bot, the only account you can withdraw to is the account you are logged into on CSGOatse! A loss of coins caused by this error is not guaranteed to get refunded.

Can you help me transfer coins to my other account, because ... .... ...?

The reason does not matter, CSGOatse will never transfer your coins to another account. This is strictly against our policy.

When you play on CSGOatse, make sure your account meets Steam's requirements for successfully completing trades without cooldowns, such as having Steam Guard activated and use Steam Mobile or Desktop Authenticator.

Click here to check your Steam account protection status.

I have steam mobile authenticator activated, but I still can't withdraw/deposit! What to do?

Keep in mind that new Steam accounts need to wait 15 days after activating Steam Guard as well as 7 days after activating Steam Mobile Authenticator before they can trade. You'll have to wait 15 days again if you decide to turn off Steam Guard, or 7 days if you change your mobile number!

Remember you cannot trade CS:GO items if you have a CS:GO VAC ban, Community ban or trade ban.

I try to withdraw/deposit, but I see Zero Escrow duration. What does this mean?

This means you either don't have your mobile authenticator activated, or you just activated it and it didn't pass 7 days yet (or 15 days in case your steam account is very new).

What is Wager?

Wager is a way for us to protect the skins in our inventory from being exploited by "traders" for their benefit of making money by throwing overvalued / not popular skins and taking the good skins from our store.

By adding wager, everyone must play for a certain amount of their coins, before they can withdraw.

Wager is a used by many sites, and it's a "Anti-trading" system. This allows our players to withdraw skins at very cheap prices instead, without any withdrawal fees.

Keep in mind wager is exclusively for personal use and cannot be shared or transferred with other users.


The answer is 50%. Example: For every 10 coins you bet, your wager balance will be increased by 20 (Check your wager in the ACCOUNT page). The wagered balance will get larger for every bet you place, and the total amount of wager represent the amount of coins you can withdraw.

Every time you withdraw skins, your wager will be subtracted from your total wagered amount.

Note: you will not receive wager on Crash bets cashed out before 1.20x

Note: in Minesweeper mode, you need to click at least 7 times with 1 bomb, 5 times with 3 bombs, 3 times with 5 bombs or once with 24 bombs in order to receive wager.

Note: Jackpot and Russian Coinflip gamemodes give 5% of the total pot in wager to the winner of the round.


You need to deposit at least once ($2) or play with a total amount of at least $50 in order to withdraw.

Your wager has to be higher than withdraw amount.


Write /send "steam64id" "amount" or right click the person's name and press "send coins".


The 2 games with tax on CSGOatse are Russian Coinflip and Jackpot. The tax is 7% and can be reduced to 5% by having csgoatse.com in your name. The tax is deducted from the whole amount of the pot and winners cannot receive less than what they joined with.

What are the levels requirements?

You can find level list here: Levels


If you tried to withdraw and did not get a trade offer or the coins back then please wait up to 30 minutes before sending a support ticket.

When writing to the support, keep in mind that you are writing to people whose sole purpose is to help you with your problem, so please keep that in mind and allow 48H to pass before creating a new ticket. Tickets that have been answered in the above FAQ will not be answered by the support team, so please make sure that you read through it all before creating a ticket here:

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